Buns of Steel

29 09 2006

Today we decided to take a stab at the Holcomb Blvd path. The path is quite hilly so we’ve been a little hesitant to ride it. The weather has cooled slightly so it made the trip even more enjoyable.

As always, we started from Bldg 24. We got on the path at the intersection of McHugh Blvd and Birch Street. The Birch Street path is mostly flat with a couple of wooden bridges along the way. It’s approximately 1 1/2 miles to Holcomb Blvd. These first two miles give your body the warm up it needs to tackle the upcoming hills.

The first 1/2 mile of the Holcomb Blvd path is flat; that changes as you cross Parachute Tower Road. From PT road to the Greenway turn, the path is very hilly with a few extremely steep and long inclines.

Buns of Steel Route

At mile 4, the entrance to the Greenway comes up on the left. This was our first time down the Greenway. The path is wide enough for 2 cyclists to ride side-by-side the entire way. Grass lines both sides of the path.

There are a few side paths we noticed near the end of the Greenway. We didn’t go down them but we’re interested in taking a look sometime in the future.

Route Stats:

Miles: 7.41 round trip

Time: 42 mins

Pace: 10.5 mh

Gmaps Pedometer page for this route:



French Creek 10 Mile Route

27 09 2006

Previously, we established a route called “French Creek”. Today’s route is essentially the same except it’s longer…2 miles longer!

This is my favorite route so far….

Route Stats:

Miles: 10.05 round trip

Time: 1 hr 3 mins

Pace: 9.5 mph

French Creek 10 Mile Route

Gmaps Pedometer page for this route:


Golf Course

25 09 2006

We started today’s ride with the idea we’d keep it short; however, as we pedaled further down the road we quickly discovered we were in no hurry to end our trip.

We left Bldg 24 following the McHugh Blvd path on the left. We followed the asphalt path to the Officer’s Club. We crossed over Seth Williams right before the club and followed the path behind the BOQ office.

We joined the Charles St path right before the Fire Station. We followed the Charles St path until it ended at Brewster. At this point, we took a left on Brewster and followed the road past the golf course clubhouse.

At the GOQ circle, we rejoined Seth Williams and took the road back to the Officer’s Club. From that point, we jumped on the path and took it back to Bldg 24.

Golf Course Route
Route Stats:

Miles: 8.09 round trip

Time: 53 mins

Pace: 9.1 mph

Gmaps Pedometer page for this route:



23 09 2006

Denise and I are thinking about taking the Cedar Island to Ocracoke ferry one Saturday.  Spend the day putzing around the area on our bikes….


Ocracoke - Aerial View

Saint Mary’s Route

22 09 2006

We’re back on the bikes again. We haven’t ridden in over a week. This route’s named for one of the streets in Family Housing, Saint Mary’s Street.

Miles: 6.17 round trip — Time: 40 mins

Gmaps Pedometer page for this route: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=452419

Ten Miles Today!

15 09 2006

Denise and I pedaled 10.33 miles today. It took us a little over an hour but it sure didn’t seem like it.

Miles: 10.33 round trip — Time: 1 hr : 09 mins

French Creek Ride

12 09 2006

Today was our longest ride yet. We started from Bldg 24, made our way down River Road, and turned around at the French Creek sport field.

Here’s the stats:

Miles: 8.22 round trip — Time: 57 mins

Bike Route - 8 miles RT

Gmaps Pedometer page for this route: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=438868

The route is flat from Bldg 24 to the path at the Cross Street sport field. As you enter the woods behind the sport field, the path becomes quite hilly with some sharp turns creating blind spots. You need to be careful as runners and walkers are using the path as well.

Since the route takes you along the New River, the views are spectacular. Here’s a picture taken from the route behind the Cross Street sport field:

New River
The majority of the route is on an asphalt path; however, there are one or two sections where the path turns to gravel. Be on the look out for pine cones, branches, and other forest litter along the way.

A little ways past mile marker 2 you come up behind Bldg 2. This picture was taken looking down the path in the direction of Bldg 24.

Camp Lejeune - New River
Route Landmarks:

  1. Building 24 – MAGTF IT Center
  2. Cross Street sport field
  3. Building 2 – 2nd Marine Logistics Group Headquarters
  4. Old Sewage Treatment Plant. Now a park w/playground
  5. French Creek sport field