French Creek Ride

12 09 2006

Today was our longest ride yet. We started from Bldg 24, made our way down River Road, and turned around at the French Creek sport field.

Here’s the stats:

Miles: 8.22 round trip — Time: 57 mins

Bike Route - 8 miles RT

Gmaps Pedometer page for this route:

The route is flat from Bldg 24 to the path at the Cross Street sport field. As you enter the woods behind the sport field, the path becomes quite hilly with some sharp turns creating blind spots. You need to be careful as runners and walkers are using the path as well.

Since the route takes you along the New River, the views are spectacular. Here’s a picture taken from the route behind the Cross Street sport field:

New River
The majority of the route is on an asphalt path; however, there are one or two sections where the path turns to gravel. Be on the look out for pine cones, branches, and other forest litter along the way.

A little ways past mile marker 2 you come up behind Bldg 2. This picture was taken looking down the path in the direction of Bldg 24.

Camp Lejeune - New River
Route Landmarks:

  1. Building 24 – MAGTF IT Center
  2. Cross Street sport field
  3. Building 2 – 2nd Marine Logistics Group Headquarters
  4. Old Sewage Treatment Plant. Now a park w/playground
  5. French Creek sport field



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