Stone Street

20 10 2006

The Stone Street route is 7.48 miles long.

The route begins at Bldg 24.

Take a left on McHugh Blvd and follow the path across the Wallace Creek bridge. On the other side of the bridge, the road name changes to Seth Williams Blvd. Follow the bike path along Seth Williams to the BOQ.

At the BOQ, take the first street on the right and follow this side road which eventually comes out behind the Charles St fire station. Follow Charles St across from the Scarlet Golf Course to Brewster Blvd.

Take a right on Brewster and follow the path to Lejeune High School. Cut across the front of the school grounds and follow the bike path along Stone St.

At the Education Center (Bldg 825), cross Stone St and follow the housing alleyway to the bike bath. Follow the bike path past the stables and schools.

Take a left on Bevin Street and follow it to the end. Take a right on Cooper and cross Seth Williams towards Marston Pavilion. Rejoin the bike path back to Bldg 24.
Stone Street Route

Gmaps Pedometer page for this route:




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