Seattle: Pike Place Fish Company

18 08 2007


The Pike Place Fish Company is one of a few fishmonger stands located in the Pike Place Market. The stand is world famous for its fish throwing and catching spectacle.

I became aware of the fish stand when reading the book “Fish!“. The book uses the Pike Place Fish Company philosophy to demonstrate how any company or person can become world famous and have a good time doing so. 

While I was there, I found it interesting how some of the customers were asking the fishmongers for their autograph in their “Fish!” book. Some of those customers wore very nice clothes and had the appearance of upper management somewhere.

It really turned your world upside-down for a moment. Made you cock your head to the side and mumble a “Hmmph”. How ironic!


Even more interesting is the apron-clad fish guy in the photo above. His name is Taho Kakutani. Where he was born and grew up caught my eye. Here’s his profile on the Pike Place Fish Company website so you can see for yourself.




One response

21 04 2009

Pretty Absurd, but we take our culture and our work ethic on the road to companies all over the world. Although “Fish” was written by some bigwigs in Minnesota, we wrote our own book (“Catch: A fishmonger’s guide to greatness”) and have our own way of doing things. We stand for world peace and we are that by making a difference for each person with whom we come in contact. Visit our blog, visit the market, eat lots of fish!

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