30 09 2007

125 Years

23 09 2007

Yesterday, I decided to back up the back up. I have an external drive I use as a back up drive for one of my other computers. I thought it would be a good idea to back up the most recent files to my laptop.

God knows why I thought this was a good idea. It’s not like I don’t have a ton of things on my To Do list at the moment. I guess catastrophe, “what if….” gets the better of you some days.

Anyway, I did a select all files from the external drive then a copy/paste to a folder on the laptop. The standard copying status window appeared. After about a minute, the status window looked like this:

What the heck! 45959 days to go! That’s 125 years. It didn’t take me that long to create the files so why would it take that long to copy them?

Over the course of about 3 mins, the days and hours numbers would drop to 16384 days and 4 hours or 11 days and 2 hours then jump up to 28,101 days. It was crazy to watch! Luckily, the green status bar was slowly inching across the screen while the copy algorithm went spastic.  

Right before the green status bar made it the end, the time remaining suddenly became normal – “30 seconds remaining”. It goes without saying I was a little concerned about the files and if they were actually copied. I checked. They were.

What’s funny about the whole time thing is that 125 years wasn’t enough. It still needed that 12 hours to finish the job!


4 09 2007

Remember when we went to Myrtle Beach and we stayed in the condo at North Myrtle? At some point we were leaving the condo for somewhere, probably dinner. We were waiting at the elevator when I realized I was wearing my purple Lands End slippers.

To this day I wonder how that happened. I’m a woman with a conservative fashion sense and I’m tromping around in public with big ol’ purple Barney feet!


The problem has to do with them being great slippers. I just love them! They’re so comfortable but at the same time they feel like a shoe. The slippers have this firm sole that let’s me walk around the house in a normal manner.  If I wear socks or soft sole slippers, I start dragging my feet. Yuck!

So…yesterday….I’m getting ready to go out shopping with Lisa. I’m dressed, make-up is on, and I’ve kissed Larry good-bye. I heading to the front door with car keys in hand when Larry says, “Aren’t you going to change your shoes?”

For a split second, your brain says “What are you talking about? I have shoes on!” To validate the thought, you look at your feet.