4 09 2007

Remember when we went to Myrtle Beach and we stayed in the condo at North Myrtle? At some point we were leaving the condo for somewhere, probably dinner. We were waiting at the elevator when I realized I was wearing my purple Lands End slippers.

To this day I wonder how that happened. I’m a woman with a conservative fashion sense and I’m tromping around in public with big ol’ purple Barney feet!


The problem has to do with them being great slippers. I just love them! They’re so comfortable but at the same time they feel like a shoe. The slippers have this firm sole that let’s me walk around the house in a normal manner.  If I wear socks or soft sole slippers, I start dragging my feet. Yuck!

So…yesterday….I’m getting ready to go out shopping with Lisa. I’m dressed, make-up is on, and I’ve kissed Larry good-bye. I heading to the front door with car keys in hand when Larry says, “Aren’t you going to change your shoes?”

For a split second, your brain says “What are you talking about? I have shoes on!” To validate the thought, you look at your feet.





One response

22 10 2007

ahh my fathers daughter eh…looks like the apple really doesnt fall far from the tree….goofy lady

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