Coco Bongo

7 10 2007

The North Carolina Seafood Festival was held this weekend in Morehead City. Larry, Lisa, Mike and I decided to head over and graze the food stands.

Boy was it hot! It’s hard to believe it’s October with the heat we had today. It’s really strange considering we were on the waterfront.

As you know, with heat and a lot of walking comes thirst. I went with the freshly squeezed lemonade. Lisa grabbed a Mountain Dew.

I’m almost embarrassed to say what Larry and Mike ended up drinking. Luckily I have pictures!

Larry went with the Outrageous Orange Coco Bongo drink in the pretty long neck glass:


I guess watching Larry drink was too much for Mike. He went with the Bahama Mama Coco Bongo drink in the same long neck glass .


What was the real attraction here, the drink or the glass? What’s your opinion? Leave it in the comments.




2 responses

17 10 2007

I want to know if Maggie the puppy had a Coco Bongo in a long neck glass as well.

17 10 2007

No Coco Bongo for Maggie. Maggie only likes flip flops, remote controls, bras, and anything else her owners leave lying around the house within reach. The within reach includes standing on her hind legs and grabbing things off the kitchen counters.

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