A Del.icio.us Recommendation

11 10 2007

Have you ever heard of Del.icio.us?  Have you used Del.icio.us? If not, here’s a little tutorial I’ve put together to describe its features and suggest some reasons for using it.


What is Del.icio.us? 

Del.icio.us is a social bookmarking website located at http://del.icio.us/.  Del.icio.us allows you to save your bookmarks online.

How does Del.icio.us work? 

Each Del.icio.us bookmark includes a title, link, and one or more descriptive keywords known as a “tag”. The tag is the beauty of it all. The tag allows you to group and categorize your bookmarks in a manner that means something to you. Since each bookmark can have one or more tags, you can associate one bookmark with a variety of categories.

A Del.icio.us example 

The Del.icio.us tags works like the categories do here on my blog. If I select a category, I see all the bookmarks tagged with that keyword. Here’s an example where I selected the tag named “boone” on my Del.icio.us site. 


Del.icio.us displays all items tagged “boone” in my Favorites. I’m planning a vacation to Boone, NC next spring so I’m starting to collect information on things to do and see while I’m there. To see the actual Del.icio.us list, click here: http://del.icio.us/LOUTHERJL/boone

Searching your bookmarks 

If I’m not sure what tags I assigned to a bookmark, I can use the Del.icio.us search field to search my entries or the entire Del.icio.us website. Searching the entire Del.icio.us community lets me see what others might be bookmarking on the topic as well.

Video – Social Bookmarking

If you’re still not sure what social bookmarking means, watch this video the folks at CommonCraft put together to explain the concept. It’s a good video.

How I use Del.icio.us

I use Google Reader to subscribe to a variety of websites. Google Reader has a feature where you can “star” a post and save it for future reference. I’m not a big fan of this feature. I use Del.icio.us instead. I bookmark the post and tag with categories meaningful to me.

Another way I use Del.icio.us is to share links with family and friends. Before Del.icio.us, email was the only way to share a link with someone. It’s not very efficient. Now, I post my links on Del.icio.us so everyone can view them there: http://del.icio.us/LOUTHERJL

It’s Free! 

Click here to register for your free Del.icio.us account: https://secure.del.icio.us/register




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