Mass Suicide or Viral Attack?

17 10 2007

I came home today and found dozens of dead worms on my sidewalk near the front door. Hmm? Strange…


Seeing a dead worm on the sidewalk is not uncommon but usually it’s just one worm, sometimes two. So what’s going on here?

Was it a mass worm suicide? I know it sounds silly but how do you explain a bunch of worms crawling up on your sidewalk and dying at the same time.

Look at this next photo. All the black spots on the concrete are dead worms!


Is it possible that an invisible killer is lurking in our soil? Maybe the virus that killed the honeybees this summer is now attacking earthworms. Maybe so. I don’t know. I just know there’s a boatload of dead worms on my sidewalk and I wanted to document the event.




3 responses

18 10 2007

Were there little worm sized cups of kook-aid laying around by the worms? Were all the worms laying in their worm beds, each in the same position? My conclusion is that there was a psychotic head worm whom the other worms thought was the Worm God and he convinced them that they needed to commit mass suicide in order to save themselves.

19 10 2007

From the looks of the lawn,
No doubt it’s from all the chemicals to kill weeds the homeowner contaminating the ground with, just to have a “perfect” green.


13 04 2010

You see, this is the beginning of the end. All of the earthworms are trying to escape the ground because they are aware of a massive supervolcano that is about to strike the United States of America. Do you happen to live in the Southeast? Record high pollen counts from trees is also occurring; the trees are trying their best to ensure their survival through this impending natural disaster.

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