New Year’s Resolution #1: No Work Weekends

3 01 2008

I work 40 hours every week, Monday thru Friday. At least 3 nights a week, I leave work and go to the fitness center for 30-45 mins. By Wednesday, I can’t wait for the weekend to arrive.

Let me tell you. I spend all week thinking about what I’m going to do over the weekend. One great idea after another is shelved for the weekend of opportunity. When an errant idea floats into my head, my brain immediately asks the question, “Is this something I should do on the weekend?”. Nine times out of ten, the answer is yes.

Funny thing is, I never get around to doing those wonderful things. Why? Because my weekend is not two days, it’s one. For some reason, I devote one day to cleaning the house and doing laundry.

Whose fantastic idea was that? Mine.

Who agreed to that schedule? Me.


Because I thought I didn’t have time during the week to clean house and do laundry. The inexplicable time shortage.

After a little soul searching, I finally figured it out. I’m not short on time. I’m just big on lazy. So here’s how I’m fixing it. 

No more working on weekends. Instead, I am following this schedule:

  • Monday: Clean the Master Bathroom
  • Tuesday: Sweep and mop all hard floors (except bathrooms)
  • Wednesday: Clean second bathroom
  • Thursday: Dust and vacuum all rooms

The kitchen gets cleaned before and after dinner. A load or two of laundry is done each night. I left Friday open as a floater for those nights I’m truly busy.

I started my new schedule this past Monday. You won’t believe how easy this is. Most of these activities take 20 mins or less to do. I think breaking the list out and writing it down was half the battle. Before it was a big broad chunk of time known as “Clean the house”. Now it’s distinct activities that begin and end.  

I can’t wait for the weekend to get here!


Wishin’ You A …

1 01 2008

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