Sewing Projects

9 03 2008

We finally hung the curtains I made. The green in the curtain matches my dining room chairs. I need to press the folds into the curtains but I’m going to let them hang for a week or two before doing so.


When I first found the fabric, I planned to make tab top curtains. But when I found the grommets and grommet tape and saw how easy they would be to make, the plan changed. The grommets actually snap together pretty easy. I’ll be able to reuse them if I decide to change the fabric. The curtain rod is from Walmart – $13.


I even lined them.


These should do well to keep the heat and cold out. I didn’t buy blackout lining but these are pretty close. Check out how the pattern repeat matches on both panels. I’m not sure how I pulled that one off since I don’t sew on a regular basis.


With the leftover fabric, I decided to make pillow covers. I bought 18″ pillow forms from Walmart for $7.64 each. 


I went back to Hancock Fabrics and bought a matching stripe fabric for the pillow back.



I was lucky enough to find matching cording as well.


I still have one more pillow cover to finish but I’m already thinking about my next sewing project. I’m thinking about taking the leftover striped fabric and making 2 table runners to go across the width of the dining table.




7 responses

3 07 2008

Your curtains and pillows are gorgeous. We are closing in our patio, and I’m trying to find information on how to cover the window/patio door expanse with curtains I make utilizing grommets. I’m not much of a sewer, so hopefully I can pull this off. Thanks for the inspiring pictures!

8 01 2009
Kati Powell

so i was searching for a pattern to make curtains and I seriously couldnt find one!! your pictures kept coming up so I thought I would ask you where you got your pattern for your curtains! they look great!

29 03 2009

could you share where you got the grommets, grommet tape, and pattern for this? beautiful work – and exactly what I want to make, would appreciate knowing your resources.

27 04 2009

I was looking for a tutorial on how to make grommet curtains and stumbled across this post. Your curtains are beautiful. Could you share where you found the grommet tape and fabric?

2 09 2009

Your curtains and pillow are very beautiful..I have a sewing machine that I am learning 2 use.. it would be very helpful if you could please make a video and show it on Youtube or on this blog.

4 01 2010
Diane Sullivan

I have never responded to a blog before, so I hope you get this. I know others have asked for your pattern and grommet info, but I can’t see your response. Can you pass along? Thanks, your work looks great.

24 01 2010

I’m quite surprised by the number of people who have stumbled across this post. I originally posted the pics for my family to see. I rarely sew; I just don’t have the time but when I do, I love it.

Here’s how I went about sewing these curtains:

The curtains were constructed using instructions from two websites. The measurements and basic panel directions came from ToolGirl:

I followed BeaconFabric’s instructions for the grommet portion of the panels.

I did use grommet tape and snap together grommets. The grommets are actually plastic. They’ve held up well. I’m quite surprised. You can unsnap them and use them on other panels easily. They come 10 or 12 to a bag. All fabric and supplies were purchased from Hancock Fabrics. You’ll find the grommets and tape near the drapery rods or drapery trims, cording, and tassels. It took forever to find the grommet tape. It’s in a nondescript white box. The store clerk will measure and cut the length you need.

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