ING Account Update

18 06 2008

I just confirmed the two deposits made by ING to my checking account. My ING account is now open for business.

I can’t believe how easy it was to open an account. If this were a typical brick and mortar bank, I would have to fill out an application, meet with an account representative, and sign a signature card. 

I didn’t have to do any of that.


Gas is up…Water is down

16 06 2008

Gas prices:


ING Account

15 06 2008

I finally opened an ING account. Their rates are double that offered by the credit union – 3%.

The account opening process was extremely easy. It took less than a minute. The hardest part was entering the bank routing number. I only say that so I can emphasize how easy it was to create this account.

Now I have to wait for two small deposits to hit my checking account. It’s ING’s way of making sure the accounts are linked up correctly.

All ING banking activity occurs online. You must agree to electronic statements, year end tax forms, etc. Not a problem. I do that already with my credit union, mutual funds, and brokerage accts.

Once I’m fully established, I’ll let you know how it goes.


15 06 2008

This morning I did my typical Sunday run to Walmart.  As I was grabbing the last two bags out of my cart so I could stow them in my trunk, an older gentleman, 80ish, nicely dressed, approached and asked if he could take my cart. He said he was waiting on his grandson and thought he would fill his time gathering carts.

I thanked him and watched as he walked away pushing the cart towards the cart corral. As I got in my car, I continued to watch him approach other shoppers and offer his assistance with their carts. At first they were surprised then they smiled and thanked him. Some stood frozen maybe even shocked as they watched him slowly shuffle the cart away.

It was a simple act of kindness that really made my day and I wanted to share that with you.

Zip It Security Socks

4 06 2008

I’m getting me some of these! They’re crew socks with a zippered security pocket. The socks are made from WickIt material so they sound comfortable.

According to the vendor’s website, the socks can be washed at night and they’re dry by morning. I could use these to store my keys or cash when I go to workout.

The 3-pack goes for $34.99

Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket

3 06 2008

I think I found a really nice money belt/pouch alternative. The Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket is a 5″ X 7″ zippered pouch. The pouch has two loops sewn on one side. The loops are big enough for a belt to pass through.

After it’s looped onto your belt, the pouch can be tucked inside your pants.  The pouch is made from ripstop nylon fabric with Cool Max coating so it should be comfortable against the skin.

The pouch is going for $7.00 to $8.50 on Amazon.

I like this pouch more than the traditional money pouch that wraps around your waist or hangs from your neck. This looks much more comfortable.