They’re Here!

16 11 2008

My Moo MiniCards arrived on Friday and boy are they cute. On the front, I selected pics from my Barcelona trip. On the back is my personal information. 

When you upload your photos, a rectangular guide appears outlining an area on your photo that represents what will be printed on the card. You can move the guide anywhere on the photo so it captures the image you desire.


The cards are made in London and shipped in a 5″x5″ white plastic pouch. The cards themselves come in a sturdy plastic box with lid. You can see the box in the upper right of the photo.

I did have to pay an international service fee of $.22 for using my Visa card but that was nominal in my mind.

I plan to buy more Moo products in the future. Great service!


Drying Clothes in Barcelona

8 11 2008

The video says it all:

Personal Calling Card

3 11 2008

I’ve been wanting a personal calling card for awhile now. I was thinking it would be much nicer than writing out my email address or telephone number on a post-it note.

My only criteria for selecting the final card design was it not look like a business card. With that in mind, I decided to go with the MiniCards from I liked the smaller more slender look of the cards. I also liked being able to use my own photos. And you can’t go wrong with paying $19.99 for 100 cards either.


The cards will be here in 10 days. I’ll be sure to post my first impression of them. Until then, take a look at the Moo Group on Flickr. Cute pics!

Magic Fountains of Montjuic

2 11 2008

While we were in Barcelona, we did make it to one of the Magic Fountain performances. We had a lot of fun people-watching and fountain-watching while listening to the music. 

The final performance of the night was Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe singing “Barcelona”. I had hoped they would play the song. Nothing like being in Barcelona while they sing “Barcelona”.

Merry Christmas To Me

1 11 2008

I ordered this Panasonic 50″ 1080p Plasma from Amazon on Oct 24th. It was delivered today by a white glove delivery service. They carried the tv into the house and unboxed it.

No sales tax. No shipping charges. It arrived in perfect condition.