Auto Repair – Jacksonville, NC

5 04 2009

Sometimes you receive great service and you want to let everyone know. So this is that time. I have to recommend these guys – Wilson’s Auto Repair. They are the best auto repair shop in all of Jacksonville.  Their prices are good and they do great work. 

These are honest genuine local folks providing a no frills service. I’ve had them replace my brakes, fix a hesitation problem, do an annual inspection, and change the oil.  I know of others who’ve had Wilson’s replace a radiator, charge the AC, and fix an electrical system problem.  It was them that recommended Wilson’s to me.

The owner is a retired Marine. Someone told me he had either worked in the Motor T field as a Marine or later as a government civilian worker.  Whichever it is, he and his crew do great work.

Wilson’s is located at 4890 Gum Branch Road. As you head towards Richlands on Gum Branch, Wilson’s is located on the right just past the Potter’s House church and Half Moon VFD. You must take the right onto Bryan road in order to get to Wilson’s garage. 

Give them a call at 910-346-8446. You won’t be disappointed.





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