The Moth

29 08 2009

I’m a big podcast fan. Podcasts and my iPod is like television and my DVR. I get to subscribe to the shows I really like but watch them at a time that fits my schedule. The same with podcasts. I subscribe and listen to my favorites at my leisure.

For the most part, I listen to podcasts only when I drive. It doesn’t matter where I’m going or the time of day, I perform the same routine every time I get in the car — I start the car, connect the iPod, start the podcast, put on my seatbelt, drive away. If the iPod is not in my purse, I stop the car, go back in the house, and I get it.

My podcast listening week begins with me syncing my iPod on Sunday evening. I subscribe to approximately 10 different podcasts through iTunes. Most of the podcasts are 30 mins long but there’s one or two that hit the hour mark. The podcasts are tech-related but I do subscribe to a few other genres.

There have been occasions where I get to a friday afternoon, driving home from work, and I have no more podcasts to listen to. I’ll be honest. I get this “I just smoked the last cigarette in the pack” feeling. I have to get home. Somehow. So I can sync my iPod, and fill it back up. Whew! In those situations, I will listen to the music on my iPod to fill that void as I drive home. But it’s not the same. I listen to my iPod music all day while I’m at work so I’m really not interested in hearing music when I drive.

Anyway, I found this new podcast. I’ve been listening to it for a month now. (When I find a new podcast, I never blindly subscribe to it. I must listen to two or three shows before I commit to the “subscribe” button). So this new podcast, The Moth, it’s really good. It’s 15 mins of some of the funniest stories you’ll ever hear. Actually the stories cover events you’ve most likely experienced in your life. Some of these events could have been traumatic at the time but funny as all get out when you hear someone else relating their experience.

The storyteller is different each week. I don’t know any them or recognize their name. The storyline is definitely different each week. Actually, the whole podcast has an NPR-ish sound and feel about it.

So. If you like a good laugh and have 15 mins to spare, check out The Moth podcast. You won’t be disappointed.




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