In My Garden: Pyracantha

24 09 2009

I have two pyracanthas growing next to the garage. I have them trimmed and shaped in an espalier. I’m surprised. It’s been pretty easy to do. I snip off any branches that attempt to grow perpendicular to the trunk or horizontal branch. No wires or support of any kind. The main trunk supports it all.  The shrubs get full afternoon North Carolina sun and they love it.  I give them one fertilizer stake each year in February.

The pyracantha is a beautiful shrub. It’s covered in white flowers during the Spring then red-orange berries in the fall.  This would be a beautiful specimen if allowed to grow freely without any trimming.

I almost forgot. The shrub is covered in long thorns. They look like sewing machine needles; really thick and long. I was trimming the bush one day when I stepped off the step ladder onto one of the cuttings. The thorn went through my Crocs and into my heel.  Ouch doesn’t begin to describe it.





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