In My Garden: Spring

28 03 2010

My yard is full of spring blooms. The following photos were taken today (Mar 28, 2010)


I have two forsythia bushes in my backyard. I’m letting both grow naturally so they develop their fountain-like growth of long arching branches.

Bradford Pear Tree

I have two Bradford Pears in my backyard. They lived in my front yard for 10 years without any significant growth. I eventually moved them to the backyard about 4 or 5 years ago and they’ve grown 10 to 15 feet.

Yoshino Flowering Cherry

This is the newest tree to my yard. I planted her last April or May.  I’m thinking she’s going to be a stunner a few springs from now.


I have two of these confetti looking shrubs in my yard. Both are approx 8 feet tall and probably the same wide.  They both look like they’re having a party.


I planted these pansies last November. I give them a shot of Miracle Gro each month. They’ll look like this until the temps get over 85 degrees. I usually pull them out in May so I can get my summer annuals in.

King Alfred Daffodil

The daffodils are a little late this year due to the colder than normal weather but they still look good and are naturalizing well.


What A Nice Day

20 03 2010

We went for a drive today. We started by heading north to Washington then east to Bath. Bath is a quaint picturesque town on the Pamlico River.

Bath, NC – The view from the park near Main and Front streets.

From Bath, we continued east through Belhaven to Swan Quarter.  The drive to Swan Quarter is pretty but there’s not much of anything to see in Swan Quarter. I was disappointed. From Swan Quarter, we turned north and drove across Lake Mattamuskeet.

We continued north to Columbia where we stopped to have lunch. From there, we pointed the car west to Plymouth then south to Washington.