In My Garden: Spring 2nd Look

8 04 2010

We have some storms coming in tonight so I made it a point to go out and snap some photos of the spring explosion going on in my yard.


This spirea is loaded with buds and blooms.  Click the photo to see how dense it is.  The following pic shows how enormous this bush has become. If the rain doesn’t weigh the branches down tonight, it should be a big white pom pom this weekend.


Talking about a bush loaded with buds. Check out my rhododendron bush.

It’s interesting. Every time I take a picture, I end up with two pics. The first picture is the one I intended to take. The second pic is what I discover when I finally view the picture.

Look at the following picture. I intended to capture a closer view of the rhododendron bloom. What ends up being interesting is the glistening silver balls hanging on the tips of the flower’s stamen.


I bought this ground cover from a mail order catalog. I believe it was Bluestone Perennials. I have it growing along the path beside the house.  The flowers look like mini-orchids. It’s such a dainty looking plant but it can stand up to foot traffic.

Knock-Out Roses

First rose of the season.

Swamp Jessamine

You’ll see this plant growing in the wild all over eastern North Carolina. Mine is growing on the back fence.




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