Thanksgiving 2010

25 11 2010

We’re spending our Thanksgiving on the Outer Banks this year. We drove over today. On the way, we had hoped to see to see the snow geese and tundra swans that make NC their home during the winter but didn’t have much luck.

We tried driving to Lake Pungo but all the roads were dirt. Literally. There was no gravel; just dirt. The soft dirt was rubbing the underbelly of the rental car and there was no cell coverage! Yikes! We tried 3 different routes but they all turned into dirt.

We did make it to Phelps Lake. A paved road takes you right up to the boat ramp. Actually, the state has a little park there named Pettigrew State Park. Next to the park is a state historic site by the name of Somerset. I had never heard of it but since it was closed we didn’t get the opportunity to learn more about it.

We did see some of the birds on little ponds next to Hwy 64. We plan to drive by Lake Mattamuskeet on our way back so hopefully we’ll have better luck in seeing the birds.




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