26 12 2010

Larry and I went out for a walk this afternoon to check out the snow covered neighborhood. It’s so pretty and quiet. We were the only ones out walking but there was a constant stream of vehicles moving on the main road. All in all, we received a couple of inches of snow.

My Burford Holly is loaded with red berries.

The bird feeders are full and open for business.


What A Nice Day

20 03 2010

We went for a drive today. We started by heading north to Washington then east to Bath. Bath is a quaint picturesque town on the Pamlico River.

Bath, NC – The view from the park near Main and Front streets.

From Bath, we continued east through Belhaven to Swan Quarter.  The drive to Swan Quarter is pretty but there’s not much of anything to see in Swan Quarter. I was disappointed. From Swan Quarter, we turned north and drove across Lake Mattamuskeet.

We continued north to Columbia where we stopped to have lunch. From there, we pointed the car west to Plymouth then south to Washington.

In My Garden: From the NC Botanical Garden

21 09 2009

Last year, I bought two plants from the NC Botanical Garden: A Beautyberry and a Muhly Grass. They were small plants probably 1 qt in size.

The Beautyberry has been a slow grower. It didn’t berry at all last summer but that’s not the case this year. This year it’s loaded with berries. I can see the purple color from across the yard.



The Muhly Grass has two personalities. There’s the smoky, blurry look like that in the photo below. But nothing beats the Muhly in the morning when there’s a light dew covering the feathery fronds. It’s stunning! I’ve tried to get a picture of the dew but the photo never does it justice.


Both enjoy the full NC summer sun and 90 degree temps. I highly recommend them to any Southern gardner.

In My Garden: Bougainvillea

30 08 2009


In My Garden: Ginger

26 08 2009


Springer’s Point

6 06 2009

Just around the corner from the Ocracoke Lighthouse, is a nature preserve, Springer’s Point. The preserve is owned by the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust.


There’s a short trail you can follow out to the sound.  Along the way, you walk through a natural maritime forest.


When you reach the sound, you’ll come out at a location known as Teach’s Hole — The famous pirate, Blackbeard, was killed here.


If you decide to visit, you should know there’s no parking. You either walk or bike to the preserve. There is a bike rack and information stand at the entrance.

In My Garden – Wild Thing Sage

6 06 2009

Another perennial that loves full sun. I have two of these planted up against the house under the bay window in my pink garden. They bloom up to frost in a fuchsia color that’s almost electric-looking.  The hummingbirds love this plant. I have one hummingbird that feeds through the sage on his or her way to the honeysuckle bushes.  I’ve had these plants since 2006 and haven’t noticed any pests or diseases.